When founders want to build valuable and successful businesses, but don't have sufficient knowledge and resources, roiquant helps founders gain competitive edge, so they can make data-informed decisions to innovate and generate high return on investment.

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Over 85% of companies worldwide won't survive up to 10 years.

Evidently, the shutdown rate is staggeringly high.

Our mission is to help founders reduce risk of business failure.

Top 10 reasons why companies shut down

Strong competition - 8.6% (167)
Poor business model - 6.5% (125)
Lack of funds - 5.9% (114)
No product-market fit - 4.6% (90)
Failed fundraising - 4.3% (83)
Poor product-market fit - 3.2% (61)
Failed acquisition (takeover) - 3.0% (59)
Acqui-hire - 2.5% (48)
Acquired - 2.4% (47)
No Market Validation - 2.1% (41)

No Market ValidationAcquiredAcqui-hireFailed Acquisition (Takeover)Poor Product-Market FitFailed FundraisingNo Product-Market FitLack of FundsPoor Business ModelStrong Competition4.1%4.7%4.8%5.9%6.1%8.3%9%11.4%12.5%16.7%
  • Postmortem analysis of 1,043 shuttered companies with recorded reasons for shutdown.
  • Total of 127 unique reasons for shutdown were identified.
  • Pie chart is only showing the top 10 reasons for shutdown (total 43.1%), while the remaining 56.9% of reasons are hidden.

Lifespans of companies

  • 37.1% of companies shuttered within 3 years.
  • 26.4% of companies shuttered in 3 to 5 years.
  • 89.2% of companies shuttered within 10 years.
  • Based on 8,672 inactive companies with recorded operational duration data.
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roiquant's intelligent business decision support system empowers founders who are dissatisfied with expensive tools and noisy data. Unlike our competitors, roiquant's one-stop-shop solution offers actionable insights from ideation to competitive analysis to business modeling to prototyping to market validation to risk analysis to data-driven fundraising to generating high ROI.

Learn how to build businesses with strong competitive edge using affordable startup intelligence.

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Learn how to analyze and reframe business failures from shuttered companies to avoid hindsight bias.


We offer you purposeful data to improve your business.

Learn how postmortem analysis of business failures identifies avoidable patterns and costly mistakes.

Startup Intelligence

We empower you to build cutting-edge business.

Learn how portfolio analysis evaluates risks and returns for strategic investment decisions.

Venture Intelligence

We assist you to construct portfolios of top-quartile performing venture capital funds.

Learn how to analyze the competitive landscape to build differentiation and defensibility moats.

Competitive Intelligence

We analyze market trends to gain competitive insights for you to create differentiated opportunities.

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