Our affordable products empower you to innovate

Learn how to analyze and reframe business failures from shuttered companies to avoid hindsight bias.


We offer you purposeful data to improve your business.

Learn how postmortem analysis of business failures identifies avoidable patterns and costly mistakes.

Startup Intelligence

We empower you to build cutting-edge business.

Learn how portfolio analysis evaluates risks and returns for strategic investment decisions.

Venture Intelligence

We assist you to construct portfolios of top-quartile performing venture capital funds.

Learn how to analyze the competitive landscape to build differentiation and defensibility moats.

Competitive Intelligence

We analyze market trends to gain competitive insights for you to create differentiated opportunities.

Learn how idea validation enhances uniqueness and business viability.


We build intelligent tools for you to innovate your business.

Learn how to estimate pre-revenue business valuation for companies without revenue or traction.


We model real-world scenarios for you to optimize data-driven decisions.

Learn how to find early stage funding for businesses with early traction and revenue.


We handle the supply-side so you can focus on the demand-side.