Learn how to build commercial viability and fundraising decks with roiquant business plan builder.


Our data-driven business plan builder is powered by artificial intelligence and multiple collections of real-world business data to analyze the business viability and fundability of your organization.


How you benefit

You will learn to create, distribute, and capture value for your target audience in a structured and tangible approach while building your business plan, such as easily get real-time analysis and feedback to improve value creation in your business, or innovate through business model reconfiguration to offer greater competitive advantages, and so on.

Problem it solves

We built our business plan builder to perform evidence-driven assessment in order to diminish investing decisions clouded by prejudices or biases, as well as safeguarding founders from bad actors who would breach confidentiality by irresponsibly sharing their fundraising business plans.

Why it matters

Before you pitch to funders, you ought to evaluate your fundability to increase your fundraising success.

This is why our on-demand business plan builder is powered by industry comparison benchmarks, real market data, and proven frameworks to help you foster commercial viability and competitive differentiation by guiding you to enhance your business offering.