Our solutions solve problems for
Aspiring founders, early stage founders, business owners, etc.
How to build competitive edge when aspiring and early-stage founders lack resources and experiential knowledge?
Empowering founders with purposeful data and intelligent tools to validate, innovate, and grow their businesses.
Learn how to analyze and reframe business failures from shuttered companies to avoid hindsight bias.

Shuttered companies

Learn from past experiences to avoid hindsight bias.

Learn how to draw design inspiration by studying how discontinued products failed.

Discontinued products

Study dead products to draw product design inspiration.

Learn how to raise smart investment by examining investors' losses in bad investments.

Investors' losses

Examine bad investments to raise “smart money”.

Learn how postmortem analysis of business failures identifies avoidable patterns and costly mistakes.
Startup Intelligence

Postmortem analysis

Identify avoidable patterns from business failure data.

Learn how to analyze the competitive landscape to build differentiation and defensibility moats.
Competitive Intelligence

Competitive landscape

Strengthen competitive differentiation to build competitive moats.

Learn how to identify weaknesses from competing products showcase to design product differentiation.

Products showcase

Investigate competitive products to design product differentiation.

Learn how to estimate pre-revenue business valuation for companies without revenue or traction.

Pre-revenue business valuation

Estimate fundability and valuation of pre-revenue companies with proven models and frameworks.

Learn how idea validation enhances uniqueness and business viability.

Idea validation

Refine conceptual ideas into viable businesses.

Learn how to build commercial viability and fundraising decks with roiquant business plan builder.

Business plan builder

Analyze commercial viability while building business plans.

Learn how to find very-early stage funding for companies without traction and revenue.

Very-early stage funding

10,000 very-early stage financing sources for companies without traction and revenue.

Learn how to find early stage funding for businesses with early traction and revenue.

Early stage funding

20,000 early stage financing sources for businesses with early traction and revenue.