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Family offices, limited partners, emerging managers, angel investors, solo capitalists, investment associates, corporate venture capitalists, venture capitalists, etc.
How to increase portfolio efficiency in venture capital investing when more than 75% of startups fail?
Discovering meaningful patterns from failed investments to improve risk-adjusted returns.
Learn how to source for very-early stage deal flow of companies without traction and revenue.

Very-early stage deal flow

Sourcing very-early stage companies without traction and revenue to fund.

Learn how to source for early stage deal flow of businesses with early traction and revenue.

Early stage deal flow

Sourcing early stage businesses with early traction and revenue to invest in in.

Learn how to build commercial viability and fundraising decks with roiquant business plan builder.

Business plan builder

Efficiently evaluate business plans with evidence-driven assessment.

Learn how portfolio analysis evaluates risks and returns for strategic investment decisions.
Venture Intelligence

Portfolio analysis

Discover meaningful insights to construct optimal portfolio returns.

Learn how to analyze the competitive landscape to build differentiation and defensibility moats.
Competitive Intelligence

Competitive landscape

Develop competitive edge to drive outsized returns.

Learn how to identify weaknesses from competing products showcase to design product differentiation.

Products showcase

Identify points of differentiation among competing products.

Learn how idea validation enhances uniqueness and business viability.

Idea validation

Analyze conceptual ideas before commit to investment.

Learn how to analyze and reframe business failures from shuttered companies to avoid hindsight bias.

Shuttered companies

Examine portfolio inefficiency to improve the return on risk-adjusted capital.

Learn how to draw design inspiration by studying how discontinued products failed.

Discontinued products

Assess the weakness of non-innovative and unprofitable products.

Learn how to raise smart investment by examining investors' losses in bad investments.

Investors' losses

Discern the nuanced relationships between loss rates and rates of return.